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To celebrate deviantArt's 14th birthday, we're asked to write our own deviantArt story. That might be fun (?)

Geez, where do I begin?

Everything started in 2012 (when it should have ended, as a lot of people had insightfully stated I say that but I actually believed it, I even kept some bottles of water just in case). 

I was 14 when I discovered deviantArt. How, I hear you ask? I was wandering on the internet as I usually do. When I explored the site, I told myself "hey, look, this is for artists! I am an artist!". Now, the real question is: Was I an artist? The answer shall soon be revealed.
From that grandiose discovery was born my first serious dA masterpiece. Or what I thought was a masterpiece. Whatever. 

A butterfly by Dawn-Mayer
This should be displayed in the Louvre, next to the Mona Lisa. 

Anyways, after some deviations, I seriously questioned my talent. Where were my "promised" fans? Did they get lost "in the way"? Who knows. They're still lost.

I decided that I needed to improve. And that's how I started to (pretty much) spam the forums with "How do I improve?" questions. The fun thing is that no matter how many times people repeated the same thing ("Draw from REAL LIFE") I kept asking. To be completely honest, I just wanted people to comment my drawings. You see, there's a rare species here called "The Critics". They show up not very often, and you have to dig deep, deep inside to find just one. And I was thirsty for critiques. 

That's how my ISSTDC (Intensive Summer Self-Teaching Drawing Class) started. I literally drew everytime I could. And, being summer, I could do it every damn day. It was fun. I improved (fortunately). These are some specimens:

Os muestro mi lealtad... by Dawn-Mayer
I wanted to create my own original manga eyes. You see that worked out very well.

Practicando manitas ^^ by Dawn-Mayer
Drawing from real life (because, really, I wasn't just going to ignore all those comments).

Gretel by Dawn-Mayer
I discovered that my scanner could actually scan.

The list goes on and on, including a lot of drawings I didn't post because they did not deserve it. 

You know something? When you ask how to start drawing anime, people tell you that you should start drawing real people with real proportions. If you're stubborn as I was, you'll only listen half of the time. That means thinking something like "I'll do both. But more anime, because I know that I'll forever draw anime." The thing is no, you don't know that. Someday, the anime obsession will start fading, and you'll want to draw more serious stuff. But then, oh my! Why do I draw my eyes so big? Geez, I really can't draw mouths, can I? Why do all my noses look like holes in my drawing's face?
Learn, kids, learn from my experience. 


I soon turned 15 years old, and my drawings came to be something like this;

The living doll by Dawn-Mayer
"Homework". Yeah right.

Umineko celebrates Xmas 8D by Dawn-Mayer
Christmas! And still I couldn't colour a thing! (And still can't!)

Like that, my first year had ended, and came 2013
That year watchers started not to matter anymore (...kind of?), and I drew less. Why? I guess I had to focus on school yeah right. Plus, I decided that I would follow my own pace. 

Of course I kept watching famous people's profiles in awe (or should I say envy?). I even started to create fake contests in my mind to see if I could surpass them. Pitiful, I know.
Some samples of that year;

Beatrice - little fanart by Dawn-Mayer
This period is what I call my 'Beatrice Boom'. The face of Beatrice invaded all of my drawings and notebooks. Literally. You can actually see that the class was so not important to me that I even drew over my notes. 

 Scarlett is being attacked! by Dawn-Mayer
Me learning japanese. 

Thanks! by Dawn-Mayer
Admire the '30+ hours' drawing. 

That year I also tried (as seen above) to draw with sai. Because I thought that digital paintings stole all of the watchers, so if I drew digital stuff, people would come as flies atracted to ...Err, rather, as bees atracted to pollen. It was a fiasco. A torture. Chinese torture. Nothing can't replace the beautiful touch of the pencil on the paper. Nothing.

And now, we're in 2014 going to 2015

This year I decided what I really wanted to do with my life (I want to create animated films), chose to let go little by little of anime, and proposed to find my own style. Guess how? Drawing from real life! Something that I should have done two years ago! (You really should use this as an example, kids and not-so-kids)

I haven't updated my dA in a while, but I guess I can show some of my 2014 early drawings.

La Ola by Dawn-Mayer

Nope. There's nothing more worth showing. 

Now I'm 17, I'm preparing my future (and the bac) and drawing a portrait that you may or may not see someday. 

I should thank deviantArt for ignoring me, and that way letting me know that my drawings sucked. No, seriously. I really thank the people who helped me to improve. I was too comfortable in the little bubble of arrogance.    

See you later, Stéphanie. 



"[...] Toutes ces roses blanches tu les emporteras..."

-hum. I'm Stephanie. I just had sixteen. Wee.

Yeah. I had so much to say. But now I don't. hehee.

Thanks for the watches, favs and comments!

" [...]TU N'AS PLUS DE MAMAN" --->
Indiana Jones - We Are Going To Die Stamp by TwilightProwler:thumb291369951:Disney Mulan + Food Stamp by TwilightProwlerEl Dorado Scream Stamp by TwilightProwlerSheldon Angry by PandacobainTM

God bless that nurse's tactfulness :stare:

...hehe you don't even know what I'm talking about. I pity you :icontehestareplz:
(????? ignore dat!...)

->My sister (in real life) :iconmichivk:

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Pluffin Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2014  Student General Artist
Happy birthday! I hope you have a nice day and everything is going well /o/
DrakynWyrm Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your art is pretty neat! The one question I have though is why someone who focuses so much on anime the way you do would watch me, being a predominantly cat artist? I'm definitely not complaining, but I always did wonder when people do that...
Dawn-Mayer Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014
Well, drawing anime doesn't mean I can't appreciate different styles  :)
(And I'm kind of trying drawing something else than anime ;-; I haven't updated my stuff in a while though). Plus, you seem like a nice person.

But I think I know why you ask. There's a lot of people who add (I think random) art to their favourites only to get more views on their profiles (and maybe be watched...). That's why I don't trust favourites haha. But, worry not, it usually doesn't happen with watchs. I think.    
DrakynWyrm Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well worded. :D (Big Grin) . I'm pretty sure I like you even more now.
Dawn-Mayer Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014
Same here! 
So, let's talk, shall we? How did you start drawing? 
(Also, I love creepypastas as well) 
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